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Work stress is the stress that people have in their workplace.  Work stress is more prominent in today’s world then it was a decade ago. The employee gets frustrated when he feels he has little to no control over the things happening at work. The insane deadlines lead to things getting worse. Workplace stress doesn’t stop at the office but it also impacts your personal life as well.

Before diving into our topic let us see how important it is to stay calm at work. 

  • It will increase your chances of being successful

Yes, you heard it right for being successful you have to be calm even under immense pressure. If you’ll maintain a calm mental outlook you can see beyond the chaos and you will able to achieve your goal more easily.  

  • It will make you a better team player

Staying calm can help you in widening your perspective about different things. It will also help you in seeing what is right even in the midst of a most chaotic situation where everybody is just going crazy. 

  • It will motivate you to succeed

You really can’t focus on one particular thing if you have a turbulent mind. And if you can’t focus on one thing which you are doing then it’s not possible to succeed in that. A turbulent mind comes with a lot of self-deprecating talks which will hamper your productivity. Thus to succeed in any task you have to stay calm.

How stress at work is impacting your health?

On your body

Even though short term stress is beneficial as it helps you in coping with serious situations but if it persists for long then things start going haywire. Long term stress can take a toll on your health and affects your body by causing:-

  • Headache 
  • Muscle tension
  • Chest Pain
  • Stomach upset.
  • Sleep problems

On your mood

Staying stressed all the time can cause anxiety issues. And anxiety can ultimately lead to depression. You become more restless and It becomes difficult for you to stay focused on your work. You’ll get angry even on petty things of stress persist for long which can deteriorate your relation with your colleagues.

On your behavior

If your mind and body are getting impacted because of increased stress hormones then It’s not possible that it wouldn’t impact your behavior. It surely will. Here are the listed points on how it affects your behavior

  • Overeating and undereating
  • Social withdrawal
  • Anger outbursts
  • Drug or alcohol misuse

What you can do to cope with it?

We have listed how stress is impacting your life. But the good news is there are different ways in which you can regulate your stress level.  

  • Determine the source of stress

Look carefully what things are causing the stress if you can avoid them then try your best to do so otherwise in this age of advanced technology there are thousands of alternatives to you can opt for like just quitting your job and starting your own business

  • Learn how to relax

Find your healthy escaping mechanisms like meditation, listing to music or just read a book. It can be any hobby that makes you happy as well as healthy at the same time. Don’t indulge yourself in alcohol or drugs.

  • Be resilient to stress

Be more resilient to stress. Resilience is the ability to bounce back. You have to bounce back from every stressful situation in order to keep things going.


Work stress can really have a powerful impact on your life. It can hamper your growth. You really can’t leave it at the office. It also has a huge negative impact on your personal life as well. It is controlling you in every way. But the good news is you can control it as well. It totally depends on you how you will handle it. And in order to do so, you first have to determine the source of stress. Obviously it’s your job.

Here is another good news as well you have You don’t have to continue it. Yes, you heard it right. You can quit it. You can refer our article to why so many people are quitting their 9-5 job and starting their own businesses.

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